Monday, April 12, 2004

finishing something

I am finally finished with a project. This is the rhomney bag I have been working on.
I received this rhomney roving as a gift from a friend of mine who purchased it off of ebay. When I started spinning it, I discovered that it had many shortcuts mixed in, and so I decided to take advantage of this, and so I spun a slubby yarn that was thick and thin. After spinning it, I wove 4 separate pieces on the 3ft. triloom. I assembled these to make the pouch of the bag. Then I wove 2 other pieces on the foot long triloom. I fringed these and used them as the flap to cover the pouch. I made the straps for the bag from the lucet, and attached them using a simple whip stitch. Then, I got up my nerve, and tossed the entire thing into the washing machine to full it. The shrinkage that happened was enough to make the weave structure disappear completely! The button is from a cedar tree that had a purple heart (or core). I cut it in half, sanded and polished it with wax, and drilled 2 holes into it so I could sew it down. The finished bag measures approx. 12 x 18 (not counting the straps which would make it 12 x 24).

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