Monday, March 15, 2004

morning coffee

There is a busy day waiting, followed by a busy week of chores to accomplish before I go away....but these girls wanted to share a cup of coffee with me this morning.
Everyone is talking about the snow that is coming our way later this week. I wish it would not come. I have been carting seedlings out to the greenhouse (during the day), and into the house (for the night). They are getting too leggy, but the temps at night are still to low to risk loosing them. I am going to hook up a heater out there for a few nights this week.
Tried to spin yesterday, but the guys tore me away from the wheel to go to a St. Patricks Parade in the City. I was glad they did because I heard two different pipe bands, and one traditional- also saw some great step dancing and beautiful costumes with Celtic Knot embroidery.

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