Thursday, March 18, 2004

getting all mushy about mud

With spring only a few days away, I awoke to a fresh blanket of snow on the ground this morning. I know that fresh snow in March will not be around for very long, which is why I do not reach for the snow shovel. March snow is always heavy and wet and slushy...and turns the ground to MUD.

I used hate mud season around here. It means extra mopping in the mud room. The streaking of brown smears on the bluestone floor would make me feel like the house was just plain dirty. Muddy boots, muddy cars, muddy chickens..mud mud mud. But I have grown to really like mud season. It means that spring is coming. When the Phoebe arrives, she will use the mud to build her it IS good for something. And so I have resolved to be glad during mud season- and to celebrate I went out an brought myself a new MOP! For more musings about mud click here

The rhomney bag I am working on is about the same color of mud. I am almost finished with the construction of it. I still have to add the straps and flap before I full it. I was hoping to have it ready for a trip I am taking, but that was not to be, so I will finish it when I return. I will be making the straps on the double lucet. I find that working on the lucet is a nice change of pace. It also provides a very strong cord which should lend itself nicely to a shoulder bag.

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