Saturday, October 04, 2003

stocking the river we had a freeze. The temp. on the "how low did it go" thermometer logged in at 28 degrees. There are still a few flowers hanging on for a slow death....mostly marigolds and a few sunflowers. They stocked the river with trout on Friday. This always causes a traffic jam on the towpath. People follow the fish truck around and watch them set the trout free. I remember the days when this was a thrill for me too. Now, I wonder where the fish came from, and the level of PCB'S in them. Guess what? The sales for 2003 fish licenses are WAY down. Could the pcb's have anything to do with that? I for one lost all interest as soon as they posted the consumption warnings. Still, the trout stamps are just a beautiful as they ever were. 2003 STAMP Subject Trout Fishing Artist Christopher Leeper Medium Acrylic 2nd Place Susan Bankey Yoder 3rd Place of 48 Paul Fenwick More about the 2003 contest...

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