Tuesday, October 21, 2003

harvesting wool

I managed to get many fibery tasks completed over the weekend, one of which was harvesting the wool off the back of my gray doe. She was very tolerant of the plucking, and I think she is getting used to the schedule. I should have started a few weeks ago when I noticed the hair starting to shed and blow around the hutch. I worked with her for almost 2 hours and got a large basket full of top grade angora. After 2 hours we had both reached our limit (although she still has more wool to be pulled), so I returned her to the hutch with a reward and sat myself in front of the wheel to promptly spin what I had just taken off my bun. I spun it as fine as I could- about 22wpi-(needs improvement) and filled approximately 1/2 of my smaller bobbins. I will be able to harvest more wool this week and possible next and I hope to have enough to ply. She has so much wool around her neck ( I believe they call this area the dewlap?), however, she does not like it when I try to remove it, hence, I don't do the dewlap. She has wool that is a grey color that is so soft that it looks exactly like the fog that sits on top of the river each morning. It really is so beautiful.

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