Saturday, September 13, 2003

A rainy morning starts with a parade of wild turkeys down the hillside. I was surprised to see such a small flock, and it consisted almost entirely of Toms. Usually we see a healthy harem of 16 to 18 hens with one or two Toms...but today there were only 7 turkeys and over half of them were males. Humm....what could this mean? I finished painting the trim on the house (finally) and picked the tomatoes yesterday, so today I will be making sauce and freezing it. I decided not to jar it up because I do not have the quanity to make it worth it. This was not the best summer for the tomatoes. I have started to spin the llama wool that I purchased a year ago at the Woodstock Fair Grounds. It is really very nice to work with. I wish I had purchased more! I am also in the process of finishing a shawl on the tri-loom. It is almost ready to come off the loom, just have to finish the fringe. I am trying to complete this as soon as possible, as I am anxious to use the new loom that Mark made for me. It is larger than the first one, but I still have to pound the nails in before I can try it out. We brought hay for the winter so we had to find a nice dry storage area to stack it. This is a challenge around here (as the shed is not finished). You should have seen the chickens- they discovered the fresh bales in the back of the stationwagon, and hopped right in! It would have made a great picture! Anyway, it is all stacked and covered up tight so it is nice and dry even though we are in for a few rainy days.

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