Saturday, September 20, 2003

All is well after the storm, thank God. Now it is back to work! I had been scurrying around in the garden before the big winds, and managed to pull the flax. I did not get as high a yield as I had hoped for, but it still looks pretty hanging over the window. I will let it dry there and then try to figure out what else to do with it! I also picked the Hopi Black Dye sunflower and made a nice dye bath! I was very excited about this and it made a soft shade of purple. I was able to get about 250 yards out of the bath. I wish I had a camera to show off the results. Other spinning news (can you tell I have been working during the storm?)...I finally got the jumbo flyer kit all waxed and assembled on the wheel. It was worth it! Thanks again mom!! I have started to spin on it, but the bobbin is so big I have not finished it yet. Still figuring out the math on how to pound the nails for the new loom. (more on this later) The river is still flowing quite high and fast. It has been like this for weeks. I cannot remember a time when it has run so high for so long. I am getting used to the sight and sound of it, and will miss it when it goes back to normal. When it does subside, I plan a long hike along the rim to find good drift wood. I have a specific piece in mind, one that will fit on the spinning wheel that I can use as a distaff. As for chicken news, they did not know what to make of the high wind that we had yesterday. I let them out with a warning not to stray to far from the coop, and at first they blew around this way and that. After they settled down a bit, they decided to hide in the bushes. Every time the wind would slow, they ventured out for a look around, only to go running back into the bush when the wind would kick up. They kept looking at the clouds and running all around as if to say, "the sky is falling, the sky is falling"

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