Friday, April 24, 2009

riverrim etsy


Anne saw these tulipwood buttons in my etsy shop, and inquired as to if I had nine of them available.

I didn't, and had to go wood stash diving in an attempt to find some tulipwood that had a color and grain similar to it. Exotic woods, (and native woods) are very interesting to study. The color and grain of a single species can vary from piece to piece. Things like soil type and rain fall, sunlight,(climate changes)minerals...insects, growth rate and yes, even genetics can influence the individual characteristics of a single piece of wood.


After locating the wood, Anne mentioned she was planning to use the buttons on the Coraline cardi she was working on. So we tossed around the idea of going with a different shape- other than the rounds. Anne suggested sort of an octagonal shape, like the smocking pattern of the cardi. It proved a bit difficult to execute in the small size, but she did like this sample.


I finished them up and mailed them off a couple of days ago. I hope they will look good on the Coraline.


Now I will be tapping my foot, waiting in suspense until Anne finishes up the work in progress (that shouldn't take long)...tap..tap ...tap.


Oh, and those 3 round tulipwood buttons? They are still for sale in my etsy store. You can visit them here I invite you to stop by the shop and have a look around. I also feature amazing beaded button brooch originals, by sooz'n'susan designs (who just happens to be my sister). She makes the fancy buttons ;-)


Jody said...

Those are beautiful buttons. I bet they would be a pleasure to touch. What a perfect compliment to a hand knit sweater.

judy said...

You are part of a pretty talented family. What fun!

Sharon said...

I love both yours and your sister's work, well done on the store, hope it goes really well for you.

DebbieB said...

I love them, Cyndy! You have such a gift.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful buttons Cyndy. I will pop over to look at your Etsy Store.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those beaded buttons are exquisite. DROOLlllllll

Judy said...

Beautiful buttons. Glad to hear you have the Etsy up and running as I know that is something you wanted to accomplish.

Cathy said...

Gorgeous buttons!

Do you, by chance, have a photo of a tulip tree?

Cathy said...

Oh my - I love your sister's beadwork!!

Anonymous said...

The buttons are beautiful! You make me want to pull out my power tools and play with wood.

Leigh said...

Lovely buttons! I'll have to keep in mind that you make these.

Leslie Shelor said...

How did I miss knowing you had an etsy shop? Heading over to check it out!

P. S. Great customer service on your part!

Kath said...

Beautiful buttons! Interestingly your live traffic feed says I come from London, UK about 200m away from me and far too built up for me! I love being able to escape to the country with your blog and your nature notes always fascinate me even if I'm not overly regular at reading!

Susan said...

Hey! I see you've finally announced the shop...and the new buttons are little beauties; love 'em! I hope Anne sends you a pic of the Coraline when it's done and all buttoned up.
And thanks, sis, for the kind words about the beaded buttons -- and thanks also to others who posted such nice comments. It made my day!

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